Professors have used the interviews in the GFP archive in a range of fields that include area studies, history, sociology, psychology, social work, and gender and women’s studies. These interviews can provide the core source materials for an entire course, or they can be used selectively in a course for a particular topic, historical period, or geographic area. In some courses, video clips are watched together in class, while in others, students are asked to watch and write about full videos. Thematic films are available for each of the four original sites. They are useful introductions to each of these country's interviews, as they provide some context for the project, and women's activism and scholarship in these countries: China, India, Poland, USA. Trascripts for these films are also available here: China Transcript, India Transcript, Poland Transcript, USA Transcript.

We have included sample syllabi and assignments, as well as information about using the materials for specific thematic courses (see thematic modules). For additional information on the project, the country sites, and the interviewees, we have compiled a bibliography for each site, and a list of publications that draw on the website materials (including one by Rios and Stewart on teaching). 


We would love to hear from you if you use these materials in the classroom. We hope to continue to update the website with new teaching ideas and experiences. Contact us at info-globalfeminisms@umich.edu